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Protection or

No need to choose.Go for A-XOC under jacket

Get to know our A-XOC protectors.
They are flexible, light and yet they are
 certified level 2 when it comes to the level of protection.
This certification gives you the freedom of mind to enjoy comfort.

A-XOC underjacket has been designed around certified A-XOC protectors. A-XOC protectors are certified 1621-1 : 2012 & 1621-2 : 2014 LEVEL 2, highest level of certification.

They are placed at shoulder and elbow level and completed with a central back protector.
A-XOC underjacket is :

  • Comfortable
  • Easy & convenient
  • Invisible
  • Flexible & light
  • Breathable
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protective underjacket

In your daily life

In your daily life

invisible under clothing Easy to store & transport

A-XOC is a multi sector solution

Get ready to free your move!

built for people who need security in any circumstances ...

comfort and freedom
build for security

... while wanting to
keep comfort and freedom of movement

How to wear it?

Our underjacket is made of lycra fabric.
It is elastic and it will follow all your moves.

This unisex underjacket must be worn close to the body. Therefore, the protectors perfectly fit your body. This protective underjacket can be worn under any jacket and turn any apparel into a protective clothing.

How to choose the right size?

Protection inside

Our certified A-XOC protectors protect you as well as all others brands but offer you comfort & freedom of movement.



Certified 1621-1 : 2012
and 1621-2 : 2014
to the highest LEVEL 2

Protective clothing for motorcyclists

Made in austria

The first protective Underjacket developed with new nano-damping technology protectors

Using an optimization process combining design and viscoelastic material parameters we get the highest flexible, thinnest, lightest and most protective product A-XOC protectors.

Design to be a body protection, its applications in sports and high risk activities are tremendous.

Thanks to A-XOC underjacket you can now be protected while having comfort, freedom of movement and lighter clothing.

Protective underjacket

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A-XOC protectors

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